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5 Sunset Photography Tips

Want to work on your sunset photography as the weather warms up? Check out these 6 tricks to make sure you always capture the best shot:

  • Consider Timing-This is probably the most common mistake made by amateur sunset photographers. Don’t leave too early! Too many people pack up their gear and head home immediately after the sun dips below the horizon. Unfortunately, those people are missing out on the period of time (usually about 20 minutes later) when the sky lights up again with a stunning, colorful glow (some say it’s almost like a second sunset)!
  • Don’t Overexpose-If you slightly underexpose a sunset shot, you’re more likely to bring out those rich, striking colors with better definition. By selecting a fast shutter speed and working in manual mode, you can better achieve this look.
  • Make a Silhouette-Too many photographers make the mistake of composing sunset shots with the horizon line smack dab in the middle of the shot, every single time. Stop doing this! For a more compelling and colorful shot, put the horizon in the bottom or top third of your image instead.
  • Avoid Filters-Too many amateurs make the mistake of using polarizing filters for their sunset photography. The truth is, they don’t help deepen the hues at all.
  • Use an App-In order to make sure you’re not rushing to catch the sunset in time (and therefore rushing your setting selections and compositional process), try using an app that can tell you the best time to head out. This NYIP graduate actually developed and launched an app that can tell you the best time to take sunset shots based on your GPS coordinates.

Places to Sell Your Photos

In case you’re a photography specialist or understudy and you think your shots are adequate to begin sharing, an awesome approach to keep up predictable pay is by pitching a few shots to stock photography locales on the web. Beginning, here are 5 worth investigating:

1. Alamy-There are presently more than 60 million pictures and recordings available to be purchased on this site, and all things considered they give an astounding half eminence to photographic artists for each picture sold. Gracious, and in case you’re a NYIP understudy? They’ll give you 100% commission on any business you make for a long time – no quid pro quos.

2. Shutterstock-If you work with Shutterstock, you can even now keep a copyright on the photographs you transfer, which implies a considerable measure to those stressed over imaginative possession. The normal client makes up to 30% eminence when their pictures are sold (more often than not $30 most extreme).

3. iStock Photo-Most photographic artists just make around 15% eminence when their pictures are downloaded, yet in the event that a specific photo of yours additions reliable downloads and ubiquity that rate can hop up to 45. In any case, on the off chance that you sign a restrictiveness contract (which means you’ll just transfer photographs on iStock, no different locales), they knock that 15% least to somewhere close to 20-45% in correspondence.

4. PhotoShelter-This is really something you would incorporate into your own particular site on the off chance that you have one (on the off chance that you don’t, figure out how to make one here).

5. Fotolia-Photographers working with Fotolia get a normal of 20-half sovereignty on their sold pictures and the site likewise gloats their quick store accommodation, which means you understand that cash immediately.